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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Today is finally the day that I depart for Spain. Of course I’m nervous, excited, and scared out of my mind. This is the first summer in 5 years that I won’t be going to tamarack with my best friends at my side. But it’s time to experience new things and I’m definitely ready for everything Spain has to offer. All that’s standing in the way of my amazing summer is the train to Newark, the plane to Madrid and the automobile taking me to meet all my new friends (and the fact that I left my glasses in Michigan and have to buy new ones before I can do all of this). After talking about this summer to anyone who would listen it’s finally time for it to begin. ¡GOODBYE USA AND HOLA ESPAÑA!


Let The Packing Begin

When I found out I could only take one suitcase with me to Santander I was worried. How do you expect a teenage girl to only take one suitcase to Europe with her for an entire month?  I’m notorious for overpacking, even for weekend sleepovers with my friends (aka visiting my best friend Ruby in Mason). I started packing right away because it was a way to procrastinate studying for finals. I bought new bathing suits, dresses, shorts, and everything else you need to be fashionable in Europe. I already know my grandma is going to get mad at me for overpacking when she picks me up in Spain before we go to Italy. But hey, at least I’ll have options on what to wear everyday! I somehow managed to fit all my clothes into the one suitcase with the help of my dad. I can now officially say I’m ready for my summer in Spain!

A Little About Me

Hey my name is Hannah Stein. I am 15 years old and about to be a junior at North Farmington High School in Michigan. I’m originally from Miami, Florida and spoke Spanish as my first language since my parents are from Colombia and although my mom says she’s from Guatemala she’s actually from El Salvador. When I moved to Michigan I was told by my teachers to speak only English at home so I would do better in school. Throughout the years I lost most of my Spanish and although I understand it I don’t speak it enough. Originally I wanted to go to Guatemala to spend the summer with my family and speak only Spanish but that would be pointless because everyone speaks English to me. That’s when my mom and I decided to send me to Santander, Spain in a full immersion program through SPI Study Abroad. Join me as I embark on a summer of a lifetime and attempt to write a blog.