Manuela’s Biggest Fans

My roommates, Kate and Hannah, and I got very lucky to be living with Manuela. She is the sweetest person I have ever met in my life. The first day we were with her she was so excited to show us all of her pictures and to show off her apartment. It took a few days but we got used to her food and once we did we realized how amazing it is. Every night after dinner we always sit with Manuela and listen to her stories about life or watch the World Cup with her. We even got to meet her kids and grandchildren. Manuela is always very patient with us and loves hearing all of our stories from the United States. I couldn’t be happier living with Manuela. She is always so excited to tell us about all the other students that have stayed with her and show all the presents they brought her from the United States. Not to mention the view from her apartment is spectacular. It’s going to be sad leaving Manuela but I definitely am going to keep in touch with her and hopefully will get to visit her again.


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