Saying goodbye to the summer 1 people was very sad and weird because I will probably never see any of them ever again. We all started this out together and now we have to welcome new people. Our small group of monthers all went to Bilbao with the one and only Beatriz. The 10 of us all piled onto a bus and drove to the Guggenheim. We spent several hours there and all I can say is that modern art is very weird and I don’t understand it at all. After the Guggenheim we all decided to get lunch at a Mexican restaurant because whats the point of getting Spanish food in Spain. After lunch Beatriz wanted to show us some of the touristy spots of Bilbao but since it was pouring rain we all decided to go to the mall instead. Overall it was a pretty good day but also sad because we had to say goodbye to Beatriz because she was leaving us for the San Sebastián group.


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